Anti-government protesters in Tahir Square during the Egyptian uprising Feb 2011Last night my 18-year-old stepdaughter voted in her first election.  Here in Canada, facing their 4th federal election in 7 years, the voters are decidedly lackluster.  Admittedly, this is advanced polling. Actual election day isn’t until May 2nd.  But still, it seems, besides the histrionics of the candidates themselves, there is little excitement around this election.

Although I can’t vote here (I’m American), this seems like a good time to remind folks here and in the US not to lose sight of the fact that we can vote.

Whether or not you like any of the candidates; even if you think democracy (or the country) is going to hell, here’s the thing: To change your leadership, your entire government, all you have to do is cast a ballot.  You don’t have to take to streets, wield firearms, or risk your life. Nobody will throw you in prison or detain you in your own home for voicing your opinion.  You won’t be attacked by your neighbours. The military won’t storm in to shut you up and you certainly won’t be fired upon by your own government.

So get on out there and vote, because you can.