Two weeks ago, hundreds of artists around the world took Twitter by storm during the annual Sciart Tweetstorm. These illustrators, cartoonists, jewelry and clothing designers, painters, sculptors, photographers, and more have one thing in common – a passion for science!

So today’s Beautiful Sunday post is a selection of pieces from the Sciart Tweetstorm that caught my eye. I won’t call them “favourites” because there’s simply no way to pick favourites from such a diverse and broad selection of gorgeous art.

I encourage you to click through to the Tweets to see more of this stunning artwork and maybe hit a few of the artists’ online stores and pick up a little something for yourself or someone else.


Mad about Monarchs

A different kind of “digital”


Soothing serotonin


Diatomaceous earth


Skin in the game


Stitching away symptoms


Comical cuttlefish


Bacteria on bacteria


A taste of a Nobel Prize

Birds of a feather


Museum masterpieces


Storm painter