I’m back! How do you like the new digs?

I always feel like February is the middle of winter, but here we are, only a month from the spring equinox. The February weather has been all over the place. It started with the polar vortex, chased that with freezing rain and ice, and then last week dumped a load of fresh powder on us. When I got up Friday morning it was 40F and raining and all that lovely powder was melting. Now we’re back to sub-zero temperatures and my driveway is luge run.

Whether the new year or the new season is the “right time” to relaunch a blog, here I am, somewhere in between. I was super-busy with work for most of 2018 and decided, rather than feel guilty because “I should be blogging” I’d instead just call it a hiatus and move on. Once work started winding down in November, I began thinking about how to reboot my blog.

I realized it was time for a fresh look and a fresh start.

Those of you who have been faithful followers for the last eight (8!) years might remember that I’ve done this a couple of times now. I think this is the 4th makeover.

Of course, the upgrade didn’t go entirely smoothly, so a project that I thought would wrap up in 2-3 weeks over the holidays, dragged well into late January. But I think things are working well enough now that can stop fiddling with it and get on to actual writing.

So, while I conjure up some new posts and themes for this year (I have ideas!), take a look around the new site.

I’d especially like to point you to my Portfolio page.

While it doesn’t represent all of the work I’ve done, it captures the main projects. One of the first things you might notice is that all of my 2018 work was exhibit writing. This is great in terms of making money but means that I’m really off my game when it comes to creative writing. I’m going to talk about both of those things in upcoming posts.

Of course, one thing that won’t change around here is my coverage of nature and my regular dispatches from Sweetfern. In fact, new since we last spoke are our animal cams. Just wait ’til you see the videos!

Stay tuned….