Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of being interviewed by editor and writer Adrienne Montgomerie for a blog post on Sci/Why:

Who Writes for Science Centres and Museums, and How?

“There are words everywhere at museums and science centres: on the walls, in the guide books, in their newsletters, blog posts, and marketing materials, in the visitor activities and kids’ clubs, and in the audio guides and press releases. And that’s just the stuff the public sees. Behind the scenes there are funding requests to write, reports, journal papers, and things like that.

Sci/Why wanted to know what it was like to work on those materials, so we asked some experts to tell us about it. What follows came out of interviews with four writers from Canada, the UK, and the United States who specialize in writing for science centres and museums.”


I invite you to head on over to Sci/Why and read the rest of the post where I and other exhibit writers talk about making words count, writing for children, working with scientists, and keeping museums fun and informative.