Got lots of free time? Then maybe blogging is for you. CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay

Back in January this article came through my Twitter stream: Blogging for Authors: Why You Need a Blog and How to Get Started, posted on the Nonfiction Authors Association website. In that article, e-book author Stephanie Chandler recommends that every author have a blog.


She also advises (among other things) that you blog five times a week. It’s good writing practice, she says.

Well, I had a few thoughts on that, as you can imagine.

So I wrote a response and pitched it to the Nonfiction Authors Association blog, but got no reply. Happily, my friends over at Writescape, Ruth Walker and Gwynn Scheltema have just launched a blog targeting writers and authors and today my post appears there!

Starting a blog is like joining a gym. Eighty percent of people who begin will not last three months. Ok, I made that number up. But in fact, the realty for bloggers is probably worse. In 2008, a blog search engine company found that of 133 million blogs only 7.4 million had been updated in the last 120 days.

So before you jump onto the “every author needs a blog” bandwagon, ask yourself if blogging is really for you. Because frankly, having a sad neglected blog is probably worse than not starting one at all.

To read my thoughts on what it takes to be a successful blogger, hop on over to Writescape’s Top Drawer and read the rest of the post: Blogging for Authors: Must We?