In case you missed it, on December 5 I posted a challenge to my readers to state an measurable exercise goal for the holiday season and pledge an amount they will donate to a charity of their choice if they don’t meet their goals.

Well, here we are on the first day of 2013 and it’s time to come clean. How did everyone do?

I’ll go first —

  • Goal:  50km running on the treadmill plus 15 mins of core/abs 2x week
  • Pledge:  $20 + $2 for every km I don’t complete. / $2 for every min of abs I miss

My results:

  • Ran 58.28 km (woohoo!) plus achieved a personal best of running 6k in one session.
  • Abs: 77/90 mins —  short by 13 minutes total
  • Total due: $46

If you are reading this and have a pet science project or science classroom over at, lobby me in the comments. I’ve got $46 burning a hole in my pocket that I’m happy to throw someone’s way.

Meanwhile, since you’re all pumped and feeling totally Rocky Balboa right about now, enjoy this while you post your update —


Come on… was that not the best training scene of all times? You bet it was. After that, I’m ready to run another 5k.  How about you?