Got these for the 2002 Christmas Day Eclipse

With all of our excitement around the Transit of Venus yesterday, we were totally unprepared for the actual event.  Our only eclipse glasses were 2 cardboard pairs we got free with Astronomy Magazine back in 2002.

We have telescope, but it didn’t occur to us to buy the proper lenses and set that up. And we have a nice camera, but again, didn’t think to see if one could buy an eclipse lens for it.

But, despite all that, we set out for the lakes shore at 5:45, walked the 10 minutes to a good lookout spot, and lo and behold, the transit began right before our plastic-protected eyes.

Through the glasses it looked awesome, but the camera couldn’t deal with the brightness.  But, you know, we’re nothing if not inventive —

Now you wouldn't think this would work...

But check out these pictures ..