I know most of my science followers already saw this over on PZ Myer’s blog, but for the rest of you.. well .. just this:

And, if you’re in the US (and maybe Canada?) be sure to catch BBC’s Frozen Planet on the Discovery Channel in March. I’ve see it, and I assure you, you’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been watching nature documentaries my whole life, and this just blew me away.

Also, this is important: Americans reading this should know that originally the Discovery Channel only agreed to air 6 of the 7 episodes. Why? you ask. Because the last episode shows something that apparently Americans aren’t equipped to cope with.  Are you ready for this? It contains information about …. CLIMATE CHANGE.

I know. I was shocked.

However, faced with enormous public backlash, The Discovery Channel conceded and will be airing all seven segments, the final one narrated by David Attenborough himself.  (I guess they don’t think we can handle too much Attenborough either. The first six segments will be narrated by Alec Baldwin.)

So again, it is a wonderful world.