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Publications & Recognition


And So She Dances.” Published in Earthlines Magazine., March 2017. Available HERE (pdf)

“Finding Illusuak’s Stories.” In Labrador Life. Oct. 2016

When History Washes Ashore.” In Hakai Magazine. Published online Sept 26, 2016.

The Imagined Bear. In Zoomorphic. Published online Sept 19, 2016.

“Howling Mad: My Open Letter to an Animal Liberationist.” In WOLVES. Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve, Ltd., 2015.  (reprinted from this blog post)

Romeo: A Lone Wolf’s Tragedy in Three Acts.” In The Best Science Writing Online 2012, edited by Jennifer Ouellette, 117–123. Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012. (edited and reprinted from this blog post)




For my links to my guest posts, interviews, and other places to find me online, see “Kim in Print.

Older online publications:

The Glory of Pisa: A True Parable of Project Management,” Guest article on Max’s Project Management Wisdom

Language: What’s Your Style?”  Guest essay in Linguistic Anthropology on




WCDR Logo  Awarded a 2013 Education Grant from the Writer’s Community of Durham Region.



FinalistBadgeSmallExploring the Mind of the Mountain Gorilla” (July 2012) was a Finalist for the 2013 Science Seeker Awards for Best psychology or neuroscience post.



ExSciam Logoploring the Mind of the Mountain Gorilla” (July 2012) was selected by Scientific American blogger, Jason Goldman & blogger Matt Soniak as one of “The Best Animal Stories of 2012.”

Unpacking just how sophisticated the cognitive mechanisms are that can lead to such swift, coordinated behavior is a daunting task… Exploring the Mind of the Mountain Gorilla by Kimberly Gerson.


NY Times logo152x23   “For the Love of Chemicals” (July 2011) resulted in being interviewed and quoted by NY Times Editor Jennifer Kingson for her story “Gifts That Keep Giving (if Not Exploding),” Dec 24, 2012.

“Science kits are a lot less open-ended these days,” said Kimberly Gerson, a science blogger who lives outside Toronto. “Everything is packaged. It’s either ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ If you don’t get the right result, you’ve done it wrong and you’re out of chemicals.”


NY Times logo152x23  “Where Were You on Your Birth Day?” (Feb 2012) was highlighted in The NY Times Motherlode parenting blog in, “Can We Have a Civil Debate Over Home Births?” by KJ Dell’Antonia. Post was recognized for its balanced approach and..

“.. valuable addition to the multitude of voices online on both sides of what’s long since become a strident home-birth debate.”



And Then There Came Fungus” (June 2011) received Editor’s Choice Award by Seed Media’s  (a curated aggregator of blog posts on peer-reviewed research)



open_lab_2011_150x100An Unlikely Heroine” (May 2011) was nominated for publication in “The Best of Science Writing Online 2012” (formerly Open Lab 2011)



6 Dimenstions PMThe Glory of Pisa: A True Parable of Project Management,” (2002) was footnoted in The Six Dimensions of Project Management, by Michael Dobson and Heidi Feickert, page 156:

“See a fabulous article on the tower [of Pisa] which makes and interesting read and supplied background to this [chapter] by Kimberly Gerson…” 


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