Building Connections

This award-winning exhibition includes more than 50 panels and instructional material on sustainable home construction, power generation, urban planning, and the importance of communities.

From Earth to Us

From Earth to Us gallery is part of CSTM’s full museum refresh. It focuses on Canada’s earth resources and mining and carries a strong message of conservation and the need to balance human necessity with resource extraction.

Tweed Visitor Centre

The centre features six museum gallery spaces devoted to the natural and cultural history of cannabis; the science behind cannabis cultivation and chemistry; and the future of cannabis in Canada.

Illusuak Cultural Centre

This Inuit cultural centre features Labrador Inuit history, tradition, skills, arts, stories, and cultural themes delivered in the voice of Labrador Inuit.

And So She Dances

“And So She Dances” is the story of the mind, and perhaps dreams, of one captive polar bear — Aurora.

The Imagined Bear

With everything but our imagination drowned out by the beating rain we strained our ears, listening for the bears…

Toronto city view

City Essentials

A list of things I should have packed to bring to Toronto when I moved there— things I couldn’t buy in the city or anywhere really.

white pigeon on a rooftop

The Pigeon Diaries

From a pigeon that nearly gave her life to save an army battalion to a pigeon race disaster caused by a shock wave, join me for for a quick flight through my first six weeks of pigeon watching.