Some people are thrill-seekers. They jump from planes, chase bad guys, or cross against the light. Not me. I am an astonishment-seeker. I live for that unique bright-light instant when I am truly and profoundly astonished.

It happened the day I glimpsed a wild Indian elephant miraculously emerge, ghost-like, from the Sri Lankan woods. It happened the first time I looked through my own telescope and beheld a gleaming silver jewel that was Saturn. I was astonished when I learned that the canopy of the redwood forest, some 300 feet in the air, is home to an entire ecosystem – a land actually— that includes grass, blueberry bushes, frogs, and small ponds.

I write to bring these astonishing moments, bits of science, and brief encounters to light.

Sometimes I do that in blog posts, essays and stories. Other times I do it for museums and science centres. But in every case, it’s my way of taking readers on a tour of the world.

I hope you’ll walk with me.