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Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in Kim in Print | 0 comments

Seeing the Science in Everything

DSCF3091Science oriented people — scientists, science communicators, and just plain enthusiasts – have a tendency to see the science in everything. A puddle of water becomes a microbiologist’s zoo. The twinkle of stars is an astronomer‘s trip back in time. Even the turning of leaves becomes a lesson in biochemistry.

Nothing brings that home more than a holiday. Give us Valentine’s Day and we’ll blog on the science of chocolate and wine. Give us St. Patrick’s Day, and we’ll bring you a nanoscale shamrock. For Easter, in place of chocolate eggs, you’ll get the geology and history of Easter Island.

To see what a whole bunch of science bloggers thought about during Halloween, read my editorial post over at Science Borealis: Science Bloggers See the Science in Everything.

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