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Posted by on Mar 1, 2011 in This is Broken | 1 comment

If you think it’s broken, it’s broken.

Also, the bridge is out.

I want this to be the first post in the This Is Broken category.  To understand it, see Seth Godin’s fabulous talk on things that are broken. Also available here on TED

Why are so many things broken? In a hilarious talk from the 2006 Gel conference, Seth Godin gives a tour of things poorly designed, the 7 reasons why they are that way, and how to fix them.

Here’s Seth’s list of reasons why things are broken:

Not my job
Selfish Jerk
The world changed
I didn’t know
I’m not a fish
Broken on purpose

From time to time I’ll be posting  Broken things here. Got something Broken to add?

1 Comment

  1. watching that Broken clip of Seth Godin’s made me better appreciate the things that do work, the people who are proactive and competent in their lives/jobs … and it leads to the importance of the concepts in the Linchpin book by Seth Godin


  1. Endless Forms Most Beautiful » Blog Archive » Beta Testing the Ritz - [...] of that comes down to the idea that everything has to be everyone’s job. (This is the antidote to…

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